Windows 10 supports multiple desktops and tablets

Multiple desktops finally come to Windows. When you click a button located on the taskbar, a new desktop with programs and independent folders can be created to provide more organization to your computer. Items of work and personal use will finally be open at the same time without interfering in the user experience.

Modern apps on windows 10 64 bit and 34 bit OS

Apps downloaded from the Windows Store are now open in full screen only if the user so desires. In the new system, modern apps and designed programs will work side by side in resizable windows, which promises to stimulate the use of the Windows Store and improve the user experience of any program designed for the Microsoft operating system.

Microsoft New Windows 10 Supports Cortana

One of the greatest innovations of Windows 10 is the personal assistant Cortana that can be activated by simple voice commands as “Hey Cortana.” The wizard can choose a song, open presentations, consult the weather forecast or check your emails using only the command voice.

The personal assistant was born in Windows Phone and is one of the best features of this system that now comes to Windows 10. It works on desktop versions and other devices such as tablets and mobile phones. For now, she said only understands commands in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and German. torrent download windows 10 with product key

New Configuration app

The PC Settings won a simple and intuitive replacement that will make your job easier when configuring your computer. It is designed to resemble the extinct Control Panel (which is still present in the system), and has a set of original icons. The application is organized by the setup area and helps the user to go straight to what he wants to set up.

In addition to the PC settings, other programs such as People, Outlook, Store, Photos and Maps also had their completely renovated design.

Audio , video and wireless connectivity simplified

Another good news of Windows 10 is the ease of connection between your computer and wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers and televisions compatible with Miracast technology.

Windows on all devices

The new version of Windows 10 will run on different devices. The system already has a desktop version and in February, received an update that makes it possible to install the system on mobile devices. Thus it will cover most of the current devices.

Windows 10 Free?

With all that said above, everyone would love to get Windows 10 for their devices, but as with any other paid software, not everyone is too kin to actually buy the software, but everyone would definitely install it if it was free. Windows 10 is free to download and install on your device, but after the installation you will need a proper Windows 10 key in order to activate Windows 10. And that’s how windows 10 product key works – without the key you can not activate or use Windows on your devices. Well, fortunately there are websites that are giving away their Windows 10 activation keys that are genuine and working. So basically anyone can just

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