What You Need to Know About Dog Insurance

When people bring a puppy home, they don’t think about the future health issues that may arise. They can be shocked when their dog is diagnosed with a serious illness and may wonder how they can afford to care for their dog.

Your dog can be insured anytime after eight weeks and stay in the program for the rest of its life. Some insurance companies will insure older pets at a higher rate; the cut-off age varies by company. Your dog will not need a physical exam to be insured; however, you may have to provide your pet’s record. Coverage dates can begin as soon as the day after acceptance or there may be a waiting period up to two weeks.

Insurance companies base the rates on the age and breed of the dog along with its location. The insurance pays a portion of the health care costs, and you cover the rest. There are deductibles from fifty to a thousand dollars which reflects in the differences in rates.

What is Covered and Not Covered? Many companies cover a percentage of the costs; usually it is eighty or ninety percent and you pay the balance. This will save you money and allow your primary concern to be the health of your pet instead of the financial aspects of care.

Why Should You Get Hundförsäkring? Care for dogs has come a long way in recent years; illnesses that used to mean certain death now have treatment options. These treatments can be quite expensive and place a substantial financial burden on the owner.

Some insurance companies will have exclusions based on the breed along with general exclusions. You may also have limited coverage if your dog is not spayed or neutered. You will want to find out if you can choose your own veterinarian and are not limited to a list of clinics or doctors selected by the company. This allows you to research the local veterinarians and find the best one for your pet.

You will also want to find out how long the waiting period is for coverage once you have enrolled. Ask about the claim process before enrollment. You do not want any surprises when the time comes to use your insurance and will need to know about the paperwork and reimbursement timeline.

Instead of having to consider what treatment you can afford, you can choose the best treatment plan for your pet’s health. It will improve the quality of your pet’s life without draining your finances.

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