What are SARMS and are they any good?

What are SARMS?

SARMS stands for Selective Modulators of Androgen Receptors. This means that they act by stimulating the androgen receptors specifically in the functions of density and musculoskeletal growth, which leads to an increase in muscle mass, fat burning, increased bone density, increased strength …

It is noteworthy that this detail of being a SELECTIVE modulator is what makes them extremely attractive to the public dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding since it specifically stimulates the areas that interest us and leaves unchanged those that cause unwanted side effects like: liver toxicity, enlarged prostate, testicular atrophy, acne, gynecomastia, baldness …

Where to buy SARMs?

Since SARMs are not yet officially approved, the only place where you can find SARMs for sale is the internet from trusted and well known websites.

What are SARMS for?

The SARMS – since they were designed are designed as an improved alternative to steroids, its creators say they come to provide steroids. In practice, they improve physical performance, more strength, more stamina, better metabolism in summary.

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