What are SARM supplements?

SARMs stands for selective androgen receptor modulators.

They are synthetic substances that retain some of the muscle building or anabolic properties of testosterone but do not share other properties.

Instead of uncritically activating all different types of androgen receptors in the human body, they are selective for certain subgroups of receptors.

These compounds also stimulate anabolic activity, but they only work with muscular and bone receptors.

What this means, in essence, is because SARMs are less androgenic than many of the steroids out, they can distinguish and “choose” between anabolic activity and androgenic effects.

They provide the properties of anabolic steroids to a limited extent, and they can help bodybuilders (and patients for medical use) avoid much of the side effects that may come with steroids. The only place where one can buy SARMs is the internet for now.

A number of pharmaceutical companies investigate these drugs as a substitute for the medical use of steroids for muscle wasting disease, osteoporosis and some forms of secretion or anemia.

Are SARMs as good as steroids? Most bodybuilders will tell you that they do not produce results as soon as taking like illegal steroids. But, given than they are safer in comparison, this is usually a worthwhile weighing.

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