The Ever Versatile Dining Table

However, who through the process of inheritance and it is possible to end up with a few too many dining tables, and thereby you end up with a decorating issue. You don’t want to throw any of them off to the side but at the same time, you can only eat off of so many tables at one.

While it can be handy for family gatherings to have ample table space, your day to day life will require a general order. What else can you do with a teak dining table when it comes to decorating?

Surprisingly, there is quite a bit that you can do with a few spare dining tables, especially if they have any type of fold down leaves. If your kitchen permits a little extra space, having a small dining table in there is perfect for quick breakfasts and cooking space. But that’s kind of a no brainer, and most of us need some better ideas that are a little out of the ordinary.

In order to use a dining table decoratively, you need to have an empty wall. The longer the wall is, the better. You can adorn the wall above the dining table with striking photographs. Folding an attractive tablecloth like lace or macramé in half lengthwise then gives you a simple table runner. Now you have a decorative surface to do with as you wish.

There are no limits to the ways you can dress up a spare dining table. You can use it as a place to hold the fruit bowl just as easily and you can adorn it with candles. Remember the rule of odd numbers when you are laying out the décor for your spare dining tables. Whatever you choose to use as a decorative piece, make sure you do it in odd numbers. Place three items on a decorative table instead of two, or five items versus four. Odd numbers make the decorative efforts much more appealing to the eye.

In a pinch or two, a dining table can make a reasonable “entertainment center” or makeshift desk. While you would have fewer spatial issues if you use an actual desk or entertainment center you can certainly use what’s on hand to make an impressionable and beautiful personal style.

Always make sure that you have a covering on the table, even if it is just a partial covering, in order to protect the wood from scratches and gouges. It is odd to find yourself in the situation of owning too many dining tables. We currently own 5, and we only bought the first one. They are all so beautiful we can’t possibly stand to get rid of any of them so we try to use them decoratively throughout the house.

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