Surplus Auction – Bidding to Get The Best Deal

Surplus auctions are popular to attend, so register early if you can. There will be plenty of people attempting to register the day of the auction, so this will save you time and allow you to see if there are any other items at the auction you want to bid on.

Condition check

The majority of auction houses allow a preview of the items that you can bid on for an upcoming Olive Branch surplus auction. The most important detail of successful bidding is checking the condition of the item you want to bid on. An item being in rough condition, even if it is an antique,does not mean it isn’t worth bidding on. Some items that are in less than perfect condition still fetch a tremendous amount of money.

Don’t bid spontaneously

A beginner mistake is while waiting for your item to come up to the lot, you become anxious and see that another lot is selling at a low price and you decide to jump in on the action. You might get a good deal on the item but then later realize the item is in poor condition because you didn’t get a chance to perform a condition check on it before the auction began.

Stick to your original bid

It is easy to get caught up in all the excitement at  surplus auction in Olive Branch. Its ok to have a good time, but don’t let your emotions effect your bidding. Know exactly how much you can bid on an item and stick to your number. That may be difficult to do, and unless you absolutely can’t live without the item, stick with your original bid amount.

Bid online

Several Olive Branch surplus auctions offer online bidding during and even before the live auction starts. This is beneficial to the bidder since you don’t have to be present at the auction to win an item and it allows you to take a lot of the emotion out of bidding. The major downside to online bidding, however, is you often can’t inspect the lot in person, although the items are often available for preview.

Be committed to your item

Many people take bidding at a Olive Branch surplus auction very seriously so it is important to remain committed to the item you are bidding on and be prepared to purchase that item once the auctioneer says, “Sold!” At that time, the item has been legally transferred to you and payment is due.

Remember that you can find a surplus auction in Olive Branch quite often, so don’t get too disappointed if you don’t win the item you were bidding on. You can always find unique items at great deals and there is no shortage of items coming in to the Olive Branch surplus auction.

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