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Internet Marketing is a wide field

One of the most important points that new marketers have to understand is that internet marketing is a very wide field. The only Method to get success in Internet Marketing is follow the right.

Try to picture internet marketing as a university. Within this university there are many different faculties or departments. Some dealing with advertising, others with website design, copywriting, market research, etc. A very long list indeed!

A student does not simply decide he wants to become a doctor and then attend classes at random on the spur of the moment as and when it suits him. No! He gets a “general” training that is well structured and that he has to complete before deciding on any area to specialize in.

This is where so many new internet marketers get it wrong… They try to go off in all directions at the same time. They read a little bit here, experiment a little there, and although they gather bits and pieces of information along the way they are actually not building a solid foundation.

Not knowing enough about a topic is sometimes more dangerous than knowing nothing at all! This also applies to the field of Internet marketing.

Not being prepared for what you are about to undertake can cost you a lot of time and money.

Internet marketing can be a profitable, full-time business but you need to approach it from the right perspective.

We are all different

I read an interesting thread recently on my favorite internet marketing forum, Warrior Forum. The guy that started the thread is a very well respected and successful internet marketer with many years of experience. However, he has simply not been able to achieve success with Squidoo.

It was clear that he was fed up and ready to throw in the towel! It simply did not work for him. Another member, on the other hand, has had great success with Squidoo. It has earned her many thousands of dollars. However, she simply could not convince him it was worthwhile continuing.

I often come across these threads on Warrior Forum and other internet marketing forums. Another one that I remember very clearly was about making money on eBay selling e-books.

I found it amazing how one member can write a post about how he makes thousands of dollars selling e-books on eBay and the next post has a comment such as “eBay sucks”.

Bottom line? We are all different!

Some of us are great writers while others simply hate writing. There are many people making a good full-time living from eBay and many others that have tried and failed miserably.

There is no exact recipe for Internet marketing success.

There are many different recipes! How many recipes are there for roast chicken? Certainly not only one! The same can be said about internet marketing! So, for some good resources about internet marketing and making money online you can visit and find the one that suits you the most.

There is no “Best” way to make money!

One of the biggest traps new marketers can fall in is falling for hype. Many successful marketers write such good sales letters that a new marketer can easily think he simply HAS to buy the product if he wants to succeed.

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