How to access Hotmail-Outlook from iPhone

With the advancement of the technology of smartphones, the needs and possibilities of users to be connected at all times and places change, receiving contact information from all over the world is no longer limited to being hours and hours in front of the computer, but is possible to carry with one to the email in the mobile . The advance goes both hand in hand with cell phone manufacturers and software companies, that is, all the mobile devices we know carry different applications that accompany the advancement of technology. Using Hotmail from the iPhone is very easy, you just have to follow a series of steps that configure access to Hotmail/Outlook from your cell phone. It is always necessary to clarify that the use of e-mail requires access to the internet, this access can be done using a WiFi connection or a data connection provided by your cell phone company, the latter method can carry additional expenses that you should consult with your operator .

Use Hotmail on iPhone

To start the configuration of Hotmail/Outlook for mobile you must enter, in your iPhone , in the Settings menu you must select Mail, contacts and calendar . On the next screen, select Add Account on the page called Add Accounts and choose as Hotmail platform , which corresponds to the current, in some recent versions of iOS it is possible to find it directly with that last term.

Hotmail on iPhone

At this point, the system requests that you enter the data of your Hotmail/ account , a task that you must perform along with your password and data configuration to download. Finally click on Save to verify that everything went well. To access future opportunities to your Hotmail/ emails go to Settings and then to Mail, contacts and calendar . If you have problems accessing check your Internet connection and that the data has been entered correctly.

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