Hire WordPress Optimization Service to Improve Website Loading Speed

A vital aspect of a website is its loading speed. If your webpages load faster your SEO ranking will definitely improve in the search engines results and there would be increase in the number of site visitors at your website. So, loading of your web pages must be very fast, almost instant. Website loading time is quite important for the success of your professional business websites. You should hire an expert WordPress developer from an offshore IT development company to design and develop fully functional, speedy websites for your businesses. Studies reveal that majority of users expect a webpage to load within two seconds. A few seconds delay in page loading can reduce conversions. Slow loading web pages can harm the popularity of a website.

Developers use tools like GTMetrics and Pingdom to analyze the page loading time in your website and steps are taken to improve the loading time of your web pages. Professional developers create a backup and then update all aspects of your WordPress site. WordPress theme, plugins and installation are updated. This will speed up WordPress website. When a WordPress site has elaborate theme template with a lot of graphics then the website loads slowly.

Your developers would be able to choose the right kind of efficient theme template that suits your business requirements. Do not use plugins that you do not even require. Use only the plugins that are important to your business and frequently update them. Frequent updating of the plugins increases speed. You should delete the plugins that you do not require. Worst coded plugins pose threat to security. Hire php developers from reputable web development company  for building speedy, highly functional WordPress sites for your business requirements.

It is better to place the scripts at the bottom. Placing the scripts at the bottom enables loading of all script related files after your web content gets loaded and your site visitor would not view just a blank page when your java script is loading. A CDN or Content delivery Network is a high performance network of servers worldwide that replicate the content of your website and provide them to the visitors from the closest POP and if the servers are located closer to your site visitors there are chances that website’s loading speed is improved.

Cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache should be used in your website to enhance speed. The CDN option should be activated and page cache and browser cache must be enabled. Images cause websites to become slower. Images that have not been optimized and uncompressed images must be avoided. Crop the images to the right resolution and optimize the images before uploading. Text advertisements are better for website loading speed. Choose the right WordPress hosting company.

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