GW-501516 – The Facts

GW-501516 is a selective androgen receptor modulator, also referred to as SARMS. This research peptide has been useful in researching the treatment of muscle wasting in sick patients, especially those with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Cardarine is still a relatively new chemical, which has only been in the research industry for the past five years. This means that it is high in demand from research facilities and educational institutions who want to test GW-501516 to determine how it works, how it can be used and it’s affects.

So far they have managed to identify that it is useful in anabolic activity in the muscle and bones. It has also shown signs of promoting lean body mass while reducing fat. Scientists are researching the product to determine how it affects overall strength, wellness and it’s healing properties which could be useful to patients suffering from serious diseases, helping them recover and manage their illness effectively.

Researchers have also identified that GW-501516 has similar benefits to anabolic steroids but without the side effects. The peptide during testing was taken orally without any liver damage, the benefit is minimal risk in low doses. This is making this chemical exceptionally interesting to researchers who are looking for ways to combat muscle wasting in sick patients.

So far trials have been conducted to determine the safety and tolerance of Cardarine GW-501516 for human consumption. They are also learning more about the profiles of this peptide. Research was conducted on healthy volunteers taking doses of up to 22mg without any adverse side effects.

Most trials will start with healthy patients, this helps researchers identify how the chemical works with the human body and any adverse side effects to be aware of. Only once the researcher feels it is safe, trials will continue with patients who will benefit from the chemical to determine if they can create a medication or use the chemical to assist patients moving forward.

It is important to note if you intend conducting research using this product that it has not been approved for human consumption and is only sold for research purposes. Research facilities have taken relevant steps to ensure human safety during testing, with long term effects not yet identified.

Further start your testing on a low dosage and slowly increase the dosage based on your findings. Ensure you always conduct your testing in a controlled laboratory environment taking the relevant steps to ensure your own safety and reduce the risk of exposure. Bear in mind that long term effects of GW-501516 on humans hasn’t been confirmed, therefore wearing protective clothing can prove useful during the testing phase.

Ensure you do your homework in terms of your GW-501516 supplier. You need to ensure you buy the highest quality peptide that will help you achieve accurate results in your research. Unfortunately there are a number of suppliers who provide sub-average products, which can hinder the outcome of your research and leave you unsure if your findings are completely accurate.

Testing should always be conducted in test tubes before considering any other methods, this way you can identify how the product works and how it interacts with other chemicals, medications and proteins.

Set yourself a budget on what you can spend on GW-501516. Most suppliers should be similar in price. A red flag should be suppliers charging too much or too little for the same product. Ideally the supplier should also discount their prices based on quantities ordered. If you are a large facility, chances are you can get away with ordering high volumes for a range of projects, helping you lower your per item price.

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