Fashion – Are We All Looking For Chinese Garment Manufacturers?

Fashion - Are We All Looking For Chinese Garment Manufacturers?

A business needs to be profitable, that is, to make money. All those who run a clothing business need to buy cheap clothes (abroad) to sell them according to the level established in the domestic market.

It’s probably some kind of automatism we’ve developed over the years to imagine that anything we have at a cheap price should have been made in China.

It is also a commonplace to associate poor quality with the label “made in China”. Having said that, I am fully aware that I personally own many high quality products that have been manufactured in Asia. When searching the net for clothing manufacturers, almost everyone types: “clothing manufacturer in China”. The cost of labor in China, although rising year after year, is still much lower than in the US, Europe, or Australia.

With the cost of labor increasing each year after the Chinese New Year and the cost of shipping goods constantly increasing with the price of gasoline, the question is: how long will Chinese apparel manufacturers maintain this advantage? Of course, people trying to find a manufacturer in China were just looking for a competitive clothing manufacturer … wherever.

So when choosing the right apparel manufacturer for your request, keep your mind open and look around to see how China compares to other emerging countries.

The price should not matter much. What everyone should really be looking for is a reliable manufacturer of clothing.

Every retailer, wholesaler, brand designer dreams of buying cheap, high-quality clothes, of course.

Fashion - Are We All Looking For Chinese Garment Manufacturers?

My personal opinion is that all clothing manufacturers can make the same clothes for the same price. The difference will be in the extras, not all manufacturers will make the extra mile for you. The first logical step in selecting a clothing manufacturer seems to receive some quotes from some clothing manufacturers. It is also an opportunity to test the consultant who is receiving your call. Does the consultant understand you? Can he answer all your questions? If not, is he diligently coming back to you in more detail? Is size important? Yes, the size of your request is important, everyone knows that. If it is low, many manufacturers in China will not deal with it; unless they have a department specializing in small amounts of clothing with a low minimum. Go to the largest factory possible, but take one that is small enough to worry about you.

The location of the clothing factory, whether in China or Vietnam, is not so important.

A person who is especially important to you is the consultant who answers your questions, accepts your request and keeps you informed. Finally, because the consultant responds to you, he is responsible for your request. Trust the facts, if your consultant makes a promise to you and that promise is not followed, simply cancel all future deals and shop elsewhere. Using multiple factories can also be a good idea. Always try to commit your consultant (s) to call you or send you some details by email.

Each commitment you get gives you the chance to test your work relationship. Ideally, your consultant follows your request in all steps: cutting, printing, sewing and packaging.

From any perspective, it makes sense that the consultant himself closely follows the orders in progress. The consultant, in the company, is the one who knows more about your expectations.

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