Explore City Prague Like Never Before

The capital city of Czech Republic – Prague is one of the oldest cities in Europe with long history and unique traditions. This place has long ago become a center of tourists’ pilgrimage. At the present time Prague holidays are offered by practically all modern travel agencies. Hotels in Prague open their doors to all categories of tourists. Here travelers can find the whole range of temporal accommodation – 2-star lodging houses, regular hotels for middle class people, luxury 5-star suits and other facilities. Leading airway companies settled in the USA offer good deals as far as Prague flights are concerned.

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Prague is rich in historical places of interest. First of all there should be mentioned the Vaclav Square – the most lively place with reliable recreational and shopping facilities. The center of the city is also remarkable for its gorgeous palace erected hundreds of years ago – the residence of Czech royal families (during the epoch of monarchy) and presidents (during the republic period). This is considered to be the best place for Prague holidays photos.

Josefov (alternatively named “Jewish quarter”) is a remarkable place in Prague. It demonstrates unique cultural and historical exhibits of Jewish nation who settled in Prague since the city was founded.

The Castle built on rocks on the coast of Vltava (called “Visehrad”) occupies a special place in the history of the city. It dates back to the 10th century. According to the legends, first Czech kings lived here. This place played the key role in the development and the efflorescence of the city.

The Troy Castle has got a reputation of being one of the most elegant residence places of Prague. It is located in the northern part of the city stretching along Vltava River.

The Golden Street is a remarkable place. Here lived alchemists financed by Rudolf II. They had been trying to find techniques of making gold.

Prague Loretta is one of the most visited places. Except its major religious value, it is known to be a wonderful piece of the baroque style in the modern Prague.

Petrin lookout tower (that looks like the Eiffel Tower) is an immensely popular place. It was built by an initiative of the club of Czech tourists after they visited the International Exhibition in 1889.

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