One of the useful training tools available to students is the driving simulator in driving schools.

It is an advanced simulator that has a set of programs that simulate various driving situations:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving on slippery / heavy rain
  • Driving in snow
  • Driving on ice
  • Driving in aquaplaning
  • Eco driving (anti-pollution driving)

Advantages of the driving simulator


The interior of a car is familiar to those who learn to drive, but the driver’s place is far from being. The fact that the first lessons take place in the car driving simulator is an advantage to gain familiarity with a suddenly new space.


The greatest difficulty of the first lessons is the necessary motor coordination to the simultaneous interactions with steering wheel, changes and pedals. Being able to do it in a controlled environment and training over and over without fear of the risks of live driving makes it easier to internalize the necessary reactions.

Gradual learning

The use of the simulator softens the initial difficulty and is the decisive support for a more gradual learning, more conducive to progressive and more effective self-confidence.

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