Disabled Stair Lift Dealers

Climbing stairs can be a real difficulty for a loved one who is physically challenged. With this aspect in mind disabled stair lift dealers have started selling stair lifts that would help mobility challenged people to access multi-levels in residences and outdoor places. These stair lifts are becoming popular among house owners who want to make the lives of disabled family members easier. Even commercial establishments are setting up these lifts to enable easy access for the disabled and elderly people.

Straight and Curved Indoor and Outdoor Stair Lifts

Straight and curved stair lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They help to make any house or building fully accessible for all. These lifts run on AC but have battery backup for emergencies when power is switched off during evacuation of buildings. Suitable for both straight and winding staircases or for a multiple landing staircase, these stair lifts can be installed even in staircases with round corners or steep angles.

Customized Models Suit Every Need

These lifts are equipped with fully adjustable seating and can accommodate users in both perching and standing positions. They are fitted with soft start and soft stop controls for a ‘no jerk’ experience that is soothing for the disabled. Safety features like the hidden gear jack, swivel seat and swing away seats make these lifts even better for your loved ones. These piattaforme elevatrici run on narrow rails and are perfect for split-level and tri-level houses.

Find a Good Elevator Dealer for Installation and Maintenance

It is important to buy these stair lifts from reputable disabled stair lift dealers who will customize the fitting according to your mobility challenged family member’s need. These dealers arrange for quick hassle free installation and provide maintenance services too.

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