Colored Led Flood Lights is Energy Saving New Choice

Colored Led Flood Lights is Energy Saving New Choice

In the past two years, the LED lighting lamp panel obtained fast development. LED Flood Light is a solid-state lighting lamps and lanterns, it is as light shine LED, and ordinary incandescent lamp, it has no filament, using a diode luminescence, so more environmental protection and reliability.

LED from the government and consumer consistent approval. In the country, with the support of LED subsidies on one, tender subsidies neat go into battle, the colored led flood lights industry alive again. From the fundamentals look, capacity utilization continues to rise, order visibility to ascend, the backlight application accelerated penetration, lighting matches the sweet price point, all showed that positive signal.

At present China semiconductor lighting products market scale only 200 more than, two or three years will turn to the scale of the 500-60 billion. At present, landscape lighting, street lamp lighting decoration China domestic market is very big still, in addition, automotive lighting, industrial and mining lighting, special lighting and commercial lighting are also in fast development.

The current situation and LED photovoltaic have in common, the material and key equipment in the outside, downstream indoor lighting market in the outside, but not identical. On one hand, blue led flood light the downstream market external dependence not photovoltaic is so high, domestic market accounts for photovoltaic market too high. A large share of the downstream market LED display and LED back light market. The domestic market is growing rapidly, has great support for upstream.

Colored Led Flood Lights is Energy Saving New Choice

On the other hand, lighting applications internal and external marketing scale unceasingly expands, the market is in its early, or market development, the future market space is enormous, will gradually become the main pulling upstream demand. On the other hand, China’s LED industry chain photovoltaic industry is complete, and the application is rich, and new application development soon. Then on the one hand, the LED industry is PVC industry body size is small, less pollution, low energy consumption, in addition to the Sapphire Crystal link, investment threshold long low, industry adjusts the room is bigger.

LED lighting manufacturers China are the world’s largest producer and consumer market lighting products. In the future, lighting source will be quickly by an incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp to upgrade LED light source, so the LED industry would be mainly in a hierarchical link domestic market, supply the needs of the downstream lighting manufacturers. LED Lighting manufacturers and downstream sales with and between face in foreign markets and domestic market.

The LED illumination has the potential is huge, it is one of the future development direction of lighting, therefore the enterprise should adjust LED development ideas, suitable for the development of the development of the general lighting products, let the energy saving lighting have more choices.

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