China Granite Flooring Tiles

China Granite Flooring Tiles

China granite is a choice material with a quality and appearance that makes it suitable for flooring tiles, countertops, wash basins, backsplashes, vanity tops, kitchen tops and other uses.

Granite is a type of rock that is formed by volcanic action. Depending on the quarry from which the it is mined, the granite can vary in color. Colors range from dense black, pinks, whites, blues and greens. Each sample of granite gets its unique character and pattern by flecks of mica, feldspar and quartz that are present in it.

China Granite for Flooring

It is used extensively in flooring tiles on account of its bright and elegant appearance. Granite tiles are hard and glassy, which makes it resistant to scratches and staining. This also adds to its advantages when used in flooring. These tiles can last for an incredibly long time, and can last forever as long as it is properly installed.

There are many types of granite stone tile available for flooring. The tiles should be chosen based on the location in which they will be placed.

China Granite Flooring Tiles

Types of China Granite Flooring Tiles

China tiles may be honed, polished or flamed. They are ideal for heavy duty interior floors. Locations in which flooring attracts a lot of grease or water should not use polished tiles which can become more slippery and cause accidents.

Different types of tiles have different abilities of water absorption. Some types of China granite are very dense, and this makes them resistant to stain. Such granite can remain as bright as new tiles for a long time.


With a little bit of regular cleaning, the tiles can be kept clean and as good as new for a long time. You should dust mop your China granite flooring regularly. Follow it up with some damp mopping. From time to time you can add a pH-neutral stone cleaner to the mopping liquid for better maintenance.

With the improvement of personal income and tastes, the demand of the high-end granite tile products has continued to expand. In addition, the infrastructure and residential construction investment are also increasing, along with the steady growth of GDP, ordinary people’s income are also increasing, and begin to pay attention to the house decoration, building materials as these tiles are growing demand, this tile market is prospect in the future.

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