Blown Head Gaskets Can Be Very Confusing

The term “blown head gasket” is often used a bit like the term “cold”, we say we have a cold but it could be the flu, a cough, congestion, head cold you get my drift.

The term blown head gasket is used as a catch all… it can mean you have a crack in the head, burned valves a warped head and of course a blown head gasket to name but a few. Because of this it is often difficult to diagnose the actual problem or in fact what caused the problem. At the same time of fixing the problem you should look for the potential cause of the problem.

An example would be a thermostat failed to work and seized up in the closed position, this stopped the flow of coolant therefore pretty much the coolant in the engine tries to cool with nothing coming from the radiator. The temperature builds up the cylinder head bends(warps) under the heat and pressure and then the head gasket can’t restrain the heat, water and oil anymore and fails.

The mechanic will tell you that you have a blown head gasket. He may then remorselessly tell you that the head needs rebuilding the gasket replaced head bolts need to be replaced, cooling system cleaned out and a new cap and thermostat and while we have it stripped down a new water pump!


How do we really know what’s happened or what is the damage before starting doing some serious damage to the bank account.

Funnily enough the tests that you can carry out today are pretty much the same as the last 60-70 years and you can look at things like bubbles in the radiator and decide what are the chances of fixing the problem without huge bills or making a decision to sell, wreck or trade. If you check out our website at and click instructions on the tool bar there are instructions about using Liquid Intelligence 245 Blown cylinder head that I’m sure will help you.

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