Are you still receiving scam emails

No, I am not asking you to guess a number between one and ten! I want to know how many spam emails you are still seeing daily in your inbox. Has the number gone down lately due to improve spam measures by your email provider of choice or are you still seeing a variety almost every day?

Depending on who you are the answer is different. From some, their email accounts now seem a little bit safer. Some email providers have spent a lot of time and energy working to remove scams and at the very least send them to your spam account folder. If you have noticed less, you may be able to thank them for that.

If you are still seeing a good amount of spam you have to wonder how they are making their way through. Since I am not well-versed in how that works I guess for now we will just have to continue to wonder. In either case, I suggest always being on guard and avoiding opening or interacting with scammers as described in a great article about email scams on HuffPo. Regardless if there is one scam or twenty in your inbox right now it is a safe technique to follow. Don’t share your personal information with a scammer!

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